Ai 100x75mm Swing-Away Manual Heat Press w/Dual Heating Platens

Ai 100x75mm Swing-Away Manual Heat Press w/Dual Heating Platens
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Ai HandPress 100x75mm (4 x 3″) swing-away heated press has a top heat platen that can easily be moved away from the lower platen. It features dual built-in digital thermometers and heaters, allowing you to precisely control the temperature of your transfer. The digital timer will automatically begin a countdown as soon as the clamp is pressed shut, and provides an audible alarm once the predetermined amount of time has elapsed. The HandPress is easy to operate, with a padded open and close handle and built-in adjustable pressure knob.


- Solid aluminum heating platens for easy maintenance and even heating
- Swivel top for easy loading and unloading
- Digital timer and alarm
- Locking press arm to maintain consistent pressure
- Dual heating platens for increased temperature stability
- Dual LCD temperature controllers display in Fahrenheit or Celsius
- Adjustable pressure
Excellent for creating solventless botanical extractions
- One year standard manufacturer's warranty


 Electrical requirements
 220V-240V 50/60Hz single phase, 1100 watts 10A
 Heated platen
 Dimensions: 100x75 mm
 Number of heated platens: two
 Material: soild aluminum
 Maximum downward pressure  450 kg or 167 psi
 (measured with an IEEE 1451.4 compliant, 20,000 lb pressure sensor, made and calibrated in USA)
 Temperature controller
 Type: PID controlled digital controller with LCD panel
 Number of controller installed: two
 Display unit: Fahrenheit or Celsius
 Temperature range: ambient to 480°F (250°C)     
 Timer range: 1 to 999 seconds
 Body material  Powder coated steel
 Safety  Press arm lock, timer alarm
 Unit weight/shipping weight
 14 kg / 23 kg
 Unit dimensions (WxDxH)
 370 x 340 x 480 mm
 Shipping dimensions (WxDxH)  480 x 460 x 560 mm
 Recommended heat settings for botanical extractions  Flowers: 80°C to 110°C
 Concentrates: 65°C to 95°C
 Warranty  90 days
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 Ai 4x3" manual heat press with dual heating platens
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