1100°C 1.3L Compact Muffle Furnace w/30-Seg PID Control

1100°C 1.3L Compact Muffle Furnace w/30-Seg PID Control
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This CF1100 series compact muffle furnace is perfect for small sample heating or for use in research or dental labs. The highest quality internal components grace this unit, including resistance coil wire embedded in Mitsubishi 1500 grade alumina fiber insulation. A type K thermocouple ensures the unit’s longevity, while an Udian 30-segment single PID control unit optimizes thermal processing, while minimizing overshoot.

This furnace is powerful, delivering a maximum temperature of 1100°C. Yet, it’s so compact, it can be placed inside a glove box. The unit’s working temperature goes from ambient to 1000°C. In fact, its temperature control is so precise, it can get within +/- 1°C of your target temp. It’s important to note that this and all of our furnaces are CE compliant.


 Electrical requirements  AC 220-240V 50hz 1200 watts
 Chamber dimensions (DxWxH)  1.3L - 130 x 100 x 100 mm
 Min. working temperature  Ambient
 Max. working temperature
 Max. constant working temperature  1000°C
 Refractory lining
 Mitsubishi (Japan) 1500 grade fiber alumina
 Heating element
 Resistance coil wire
 Thermocouple type
 Temperature controller  UDIAN 30-segment, single PID
 Max heating / cooling rate
 30°C / min
 Temperature accuracy
 +/- 1°C
 Unit dimensions (DxWxH)  250 x 200 x 380 mm
 Shipping dimensions (DxWxH)  380 x 360 x 530 mm
 Unit weight
 13 kg
 Shipping weight  24 kg
 CE compliance



Standard package

Part description


 CF1100 muffle furnace
 1 pc
 Type K thermocouple
 1 pc
 Thermal gloves  1 pair
 Thermal cushion block (90x90x20 mm)
1 pc
 Crucible tongs 1 pc
 User's manual  1 pc

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